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Why Tenerife?

Sky, Katusha, Lotto Soudal, Astana, Movistar, etc do their preparation in Tenerife

Pro cycling teams such as SKY, ASTANA, KATUSHA, MOVISTAR, LOTTO, BELKIN, etc, have all trained here, and it was on the island´s smooth, sun-baked roads that Team Sky´s Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome sculpted their Tour de France successes.
On his personal website, Froome wrote: “kilometre after kilometre of twisty uphill the road snaked up into the clouds taking us to what I would imagine travelling to Mars would be like, black volcanic rocks and undulating heaps of sand and shrubs surrounded us”
Wiggins has declared: “there is not other environment that can beat Mount Teide. We have altitude, heat and virtually empty roads most days”

Cycling 365 days a year

Tenerife is well-known for it´s “eternal spring”. The average temperature ranges between 15ºC minimum and 30ºC maximum throughout the year.

Cycling at 2,330 metres above sea level

The privilege of cycling at 2,330 metres above sea level is something you will find in very few places in the world. The opportunity of climbing from sea level up to 2,330 metres in just a few hours make Tenerife different and unique in the world. There are over 20 distinct routes with climbs that rival the toughest of the Alps.

Bike Friendly Roads

There is low to almost non-existent traffic on endless, smooth mountain roads. The island has embraced its’ growing two-wheeled culture, offering ample bike resources and a positive attitude towards cyclists.